Moon again, getting a bit boring here

It was a public astronomy night on Mt. Tam, so I didn’t get to photography until quite late. And by then clouds and very unseasonably cold weather were making the proposition iffy, so I packed it in without any long exposures. Of course, as soon as I started tearing down my equipment, the sky cleared…

I also got some shots of Venus, but Venus is really boring—no details visible even on the best of professional scopes. I tried for Saturn, but my exposure settings must have been way too low, because I got zilch there. Not even a blob, just black.

But here is our old friend. I took it through my 2x Barlow, so it’s higher resolution than my previous shots of the moon. Click to embiggen (3.3 MB):

Shot 22 May 2010; Mt. Tamalpais State Park, California; ISO 800, Exp: 1/1000 sec, f/5.2, Canon EOS 5D & Televue NP127is w/ 2x Barlow. Post-processing with ImagesPlus 3.0 and Photoshop CS4. 

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