go yard

To go yard is baseball slang for hitting a home run. The yard is a reference to the ballyard, or ballfield.

The phrase first appears in 1988. Ben Zimmer turned up the earliest known use of the phrase in an 8 September article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The article was syndicated and appeared in a number of newspapers.

A batter with power can hit a ball out of the ballyard, yes. More likely, though, he can go back, go massive or go yard.

Like most such slang terms, determining the precise origin is impossible. The best we can get is a general idea of when the term arose.

Discussions of the origins of the phrase often associate it with Orioles Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, but that ballpark wasn’t built until four years after the phrase appears, so Camden Yards did not inspire the phrase’s origin.


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