Cederblad 214 Photoshopped

This isn’t a new image—I haven’t had my telescope out since moving to Canada. But I’ve been playing with Photoshop and found I could bring out some of the fainter features. It’s at the expense of the picture’s dynamic range, but for really faint objects like this it’s worth it.

Cederblad 214 is a nebula in Cepheus, not far from Polaris, the North Star. It’s about 6,000 light years from Earth.

Shot 10-11 July 2010; Mt. Tamalpais State Park, California; ISO 800, Exp 122.5 min (49 x 2.5 minutes), f/5.2, Canon EOS 5D & Televue NP127is. Post-processing with ImagesPlus 3.0 and Photoshop CS4.

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