Brigham Young University hosts a number of searchable corpora of English usage. The site is an invaluable resource for determining how words and phrases are used in different genres and registers, regions, and dates.

Corpora on the site include:

Newspapers on the Web (NOW) Corpus, 2.8 billion words, 2010–present

Global Web-Based English, 1.9 billion words, 2012–13

Wikipedia Corpus, 1.9 billion words, up to 2014

Hansard Corpus (British Parliament), 1.6 billion words, 1803-2005

Corpus of Contemporary American English, 520 million words, 1990–2015

Corpus of Historical American English, 400 million words, 1810–2009

TIME Magazine Corpus, 100 million words, 1923–2006

Corpus of American Soap Operas, 100 million words, 2001–12

British National Corpus, 100 million words, 1980–93

Strathy Corpus (Canada), 50 million words, 1970–2010

Corpus of Online Registers of English (CORE), 50 million words, up to 2014

Corpus del Español, 100 million words, 1200–2000

Corpus do Português, 45 million words, 1300–2000

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